What happens to my feedback?

    All your comments, suggestions, and survey responses are considered as part of our planning and decision making process. Using Your Voice is a great way for you to be part of shaping our region’s water future.

    How are public comments moderated?

    Only participants who have registered are able to comment. All comments are moderated 24/7 by an organisation called Bang the Table. The moderators do not edit or alter any comments unless they are inappropriate. Comments are removed if they are offensive, malicious or significantly off-topic.

    Why do I need to register?

    Information on Your Voice can be viewed by everyone and allows you to see how others feel about current topics. If you would like to participate in the quick polls and surveys, or make comments and leave feedback, you will need to register. You only need to do this once. By registering you let us know some information about you, including your age and suburb. When we collate responses and ensure a wide variety of community members are having their views heard.

    When you register please let us know what you are interested in. For example, activities in your area or how to conserve water. We will can then share with you the latest news on topics of interest. We will only use your email address for this purpose. You can opt out or cancel your registration at any time.

    What does being a member mean?

    As a member of Your Voice, you will be invited to have your say on Hunter Water projects, initiatives and events via:

    • Online surveys
    • Quick polls
    • Asking your questions
    • Joining the conversation

    What types of things do we 'engage' with the community on?

    The current topics we are engaging with the community on via Your Voice include:

    • Love Water campaign
    • Securing our water future
    • Conserving water
    • Community and customer forums
    • Price reviews
    • Rain water tank solutions
    • Desalination plant (Belmont)
    • Recycled water
    • Engaging with Young People
    • Development in our region

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