Why is this project needed?

    The 800-metre section of sand dunes on Nine Mile Beach forms an important barrier in protecting our Belmont Wastewater Treatment Works from the damaging effects of sea spray and large storm events.

    This project will prevent erosion of the sand dunes on Nine Mile Beach and protect the area behind the dunes from erosion and rising sea levels due to the effects of climate change. The dunes are an essential buffer between the ocean and the Belmont wastewater treatment plant (and the site of the potential future drought-response desalination plant).

    What's involved in this work?

    The main method of protecting dunes from erosion is to maintain a protective cover of vegetation. Since 2004 the amount of vegetation has steadily decreased (see aerial photos) due to the vehicles driving on the dunes and disturbing vegetation.

    This project involves installing 'dune forming' fences to help rehabilitate the dunes, and a fence around the perimeter to prevent vehicles driving on the dunes. Removal of weeds including Bitou Bush, and planting native species on the dunes will also occur.