No further planned water outages

05 October, 2018

Dear Chisholm Residents,

We are happy to let you know the additional planned water outage, scheduled for Sunday 7 October at 10pm, is no longer required. The Network Operations Team is satisfied with the investigations and testing completed to date.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during testing of the recycled water mains over the past week. This testing was in preparation for providing recycled water to customers in coming weeks. Residents in Chisholm will be the first residential customers in the Hunter to receive recycled water from an embedded main supply.

Special thanks to the residents who contacted us with feedback and concerns. Each contribution provides more insight and knowledge for us to better deliver a smooth customer experience for you. Some residents contacted us to report discoloured water and this helped us pinpoint sections of water mains to flush - meaning clear water was again available throughout the system before the peak customer demand period.

Discoloured water cannot be entirely prevented as it is due to changes in water pressure when the water mains are emptied and refilled. Water discolouration is an aesthetic, rather than a health concern, however, we advise you not to drink or wash clothes in discoloured water.

We invite you to continue to let us know of your water supply experience by calling 1300 657 657 as this will help with mains flushing if required.

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