Thank you, and introducing Mara Consulting

19 October, 2018

Home plumbing inspections have now been been completed on 97% of homes in Chisholm and 88% of homes in Gillieston Heights. We would like to thank the property owners, tenants and real estate agents who have helped achieve this great result. It is good to see so much support for the introduction of recycled water.

All homes need to have the free home plumbing inspection before recycled water is introduced. The inspection is to ensure there are no interconnections between the drinking water pipes and the recycled water pipes at the home. It will also ensure all fittings are in place and recycled water taps and fittings are colour coded and labelled. This is to reduce to chance of occupants of the property accidentally using recycled water instead of potable (drinking quality) water for drinking, cooking, bathing.

Hunter Water has engaged a local communications firm, Mara Consulting, to help us contact the last few residents and book in their home plumbing inspections. If you haven't contacted us as yet, representatives from Mara Consulting will call you or knock on your door over the next week or two. The representatives will carry photo identification and a letter of introduction from Hunter Water. They do not need to enter your house. Mara Consulting has a great deal of experience working with community members on major projects so we are sure you will be in capable hands.

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