Project Update - August 2018

almost 2 years ago

Investigation works will soon be occurring on the proposed site of the temporary desalination plant at Belmont, on Hunter Water land, next to the Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) including the dunes and down to the water’s edge. Hunter Water is planning to drill bore holes and undertake geotechnical surveys to investigate subsurface conditions. Environmental investigations will also be undertaken as well as reviewing existing power and water connections.

This work will commence in August and will be undertaken by Hunter Water’s contractor GHD. Given the significance of this project, testing will be ongoing over the next eight to ten months as we prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Department of Planning & Environment.

During the work you may notice the drilling rig and vehicles onsite, however the work should not result in excessive dust or noise. An important aim of all Hunter Water projects is to minimise any inconvenience to the community, businesses and customers.

Hunter Water will not be restricting access to Nine Mile Beach. The work on Nine Mile Beach is expected to take place over a four day period, on weekdays, between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. Beach users will need to take appropriate care and are asked to stay clear of testing sites. All sites will be clearly sign posted and bore holes will be protected by screens to prevent damage.

The site plan below shows the current planned location of test sites including the sand dunes.

Hunter Water is committed to open, ongoing engagement with the community about plans for the temporary desalination plant and our drought response measures. Our Your Voice webpage is an opportunity for members of our community to give Hunter Water feedback on plans for the temporary desalination plant as we go through the planning stages. To sign up to Your Voice, and receive project updates, visit

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Oddy almost 2 years ago
Great forward planning. Too later after the event.
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BB almost 2 years ago
I am pleased that Hunter Water is investigating a proposed temporary desalination plant site at Belmont as part of a smart water management plan and I look forward to an update on progress. I wonder what other measures are being planned / implemented for the long term? It is a fact that trees attract rainfall and no one can fail to note that the worst drought affected areas in the Hunter are those that have been denuded of trees. Are there any tree planting projects in existence? Could there be co-operative ventures with local councils?
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Margaret Harrison almost 2 years ago
The desal plant is a great idea but what about the on-going costs involved in on-going maintenance & upkeep - the Sydney desal plant struck trouble this year when maintenance hadn't been kept up & the plant was unable to start producing water. Has this issue been addressed?
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