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Community update - September 2019

16 September, 2019

Recycled water

We’ve had some technical complications with the operation of the newly-constructed recycled water treatment plant for Gillieston Heights. This means we have not yet been able to complete the transition to recycled water from drinking water.

The complications with operating the plant have not affected the safety or quality of water supplied through the drinking and recycled water networks. We are working to bring the recycled water system online as soon as possible.

You will receive a letter from us in the next day or so with more information.

Please remember it’s important to always use the water supplied through your recycled water taps for recycled water purposes only:

· Toilet flushing

· Washing cars, paths and external walls

· Watering lawns and gardens, including fruit trees and vegetable gardens

· Washing laundry in a washing machine

· Watering pets

Save your 4

As well as complying with water restrictions, there are some simple ways to save water:

  • Take a 4 minute shower
  • Wait for a full load before putting on the washing
  • Fix dripping taps
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

If we do this, we can save 4 buckets of water each day. If we all change a little, we can save a lot. This will really help conserve the water remaining in our dams.

Planning for our water future

We are currently working with the NSW Government, key stakeholders and the community to develop the next Lower Hunter Water Plan, which will consider new water sources and new ways to reduce water use.

Understanding how the community feels about the options to supplement existing water supplies and reduce reliance on drinking water is an important part of preparing this plan.

To find out more and have your say on our water future, visit water future

Next steps for Gillieston Heights residents

There will be some water supply shutdowns before commissioning of the recycled water systems occurs. We’ll let you know when these will occur, and try to minimise the inconvenience to you.

Thank you

We appreciate your patience and cooperation over the past two years as we deliver the first residential recycled water system in the Hunter region. We couldn’t do it without you.

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