Working to provide recycled water - Thursday 21 November

9 months ago

We will be in Gillieston Heights tomorrow (Thursday), along with work-crews from H L Mullane (our contractor), making final changes to the water mains to supply you with recycled water Thursday evening.

There will be an interruption to the water supplied through your recycled water supply (purple pipes and fittings) from 9am until 10pm. Approximately 70 customers will also experience an interruption to their drinking water supply from 9am until 4pm - we have written to these customers to let them know. We apologise inconvenience this may cause you.

It's possible you may experience some discoloured water in your drinking water and recycled water supply systems on Thursday. Please don't drink or wash clothes in discoloured water. (Discoloured water is due to sediment dislodging during flow changes in the water mains.)

We may need to 'flush' the water mains at hydrants as we re-pressure the mains. If you would like to collect some of this water from the hydrants during the flushing (which is suitable for watering your garden or lawns only), please feel free. We will provide buckets for your use at major flushing points.

If you see us working in your area and you have questions about recycled water, please come and ask us.
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