Planned water outages – Gillieston Heights

over 1 year ago

Planned water outages – Gillieston Heights

There are three planned water supply outages in Gillieston Heights for the following times:

1. From: 10pm on Tuesday 9 October Until: 4am on Wednesday 10 October

2. From: 10pm on Thursday 11 October* Until: 4am on Friday 12 October*

3. From: 10pm on Sunday 14 October* Until: 4am on Monday 15 October*

*The second two water interruptions will only occur if we need more time to complete the work, however, customers should be prepared for these interruptions to go ahead.

These outages are for water supplied via Hunter Water’s potable water and recycled water systems.

These essential water outages are to allow for checking of our mains as part of the preparation to introduce recycled water from the Farley Treatment plant to parts of Gillieston Heights.

Note: Approximately 850 customers have been advised by letter (sent 27 September 2018) of these water outages.