What is the Throsby Creek Catchment Agency Plan?

    The Throsby Creek Catchment Agencies Plan has been developed by the Committee to be a standing item of the committee meeting agenda.

    All Committee members have a role in progressing the overall Plan while addressing their respective areas of responsibility as outlined in the identified Works Program.

    What is Total Catchment Management?

    The Plan reflects the concept of Total Catchment Management (TCM) as per the two preceding plans for the Throsby Creek Catchment, the Throsby Creek TCM Strategy 1989 and the subsequent 2001 TCM Strategy. 

    The previous plans were reviewed by relevant stakeholders with agreed outstanding and ongoing actions incorporated in the Plan.

    What is the timeframe?

    The six-year plan period was decided upon by the TCGAC as a realistic and tangible timeframe, with activity to commence in 2018.