Contractor announced and detailed design commences

over 1 year ago

Hunter Water is pleased to announce that the Wyee Sewer Scheme project has now progressed to the detailed design and construction phase. This week, Monadelphous Engineering Pty Ltd was awarded the contract to construct the sewer infrastructure to service the Wyee Township on behalf of Hunter Water. Monadelphous brings extensive experience in water-related infrastructure, recently completing projects on behalf of Sydney Water.

Key dates

With the contract now awarded, work will progress immediately on the detailed design of the system. The design process is expected to be complete by September 2019.

Monodelphous will establish on site in June 2019 ready to begin construction. Construction will take approximately 18 months to complete (depending upon weather and any other unforeseen circumstances).

We expect you will be able to connect to the new sewer by December 2020.

Design process

Detailed design is the process of developing and finalising the approved concept design. It will confirm exactly where each component of the new sewer scheme will be constructed and will give us a clearer view of the full impacts of the project and how Wyee residents may be affected by the work.

During detailed design residents may notice contractors inspecting the various locations where future construction may take place. We may need to access some private properties to complete this work, and we will contact the property owner if we need to arrange entry to a property.

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