Wyee construction well underway

9 months ago

The Wyee Sewer project construction phase commenced on Monday 2 September 2019.

As you may know, Monadelphous is working on behalf of Hunter Water to construct the new sewer system and pump stations that will service over 400 properties in the Wyee township. Residents can expect to see our crews around the town until the completion of the project at end of 2020.

During the project, residents can expect to see a number of construction personnel on site and an increase to traffic movements around town. Construction vehicles and machinery will be in operation to excavate the ground material and build underground sewer pipes. We will help you navigate the changes in the area with traffic control, and any directly impacted residents will have their temporary access conditions discussed with them prior.

As of early October, over 500m of pipe has been laid, crews are increasing in number and progressing through the south Wyee area (zone 3).

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