What is the Wyee Sewer program?

    The Wyee Sewer program is a Hunter Water initiative jointly funded with the NSW State Government. It will provide sewer to the existing township of Wyee. When completed, sewer connections will be provided to 400 existing homes and businesses. Hunter Water has included capacity in the transfer system which will enable sewer service connections for future residential subdivisions in the surrounding areas of the Wyee township.

    Who will be able to connect to the new sewer system?

    Guidelines have been previously set to ensure consistency in determining which areas in the Hunter, Central Coast and Sydney will be provided with sewer connections as part of the Backlog Sewer Scheme.

    Under these guidelines urban-residential properties within the township of Wyee will be provided with a sewer connection. These properties include residential and commercial lots, vacant land and rural-residential land.

    The properties excluded are non-residential and rural residential properties adjacent to this area that are suitable to maintain an effective on-site sewerage management system. These properties can apply to Hunter Water for a connection. Hunter Water will then provide a notice of requirements which will have to be satisfied by the property owner in order to connect. Learn more on our webiste here.

    Do properties inside the project area have to connect to the sewer system?

    We will let you know when the new sewer system is available for connection. We encourage property owners to connect to the efficient and environmentally responsible sewer system.

    Lake Macquarie City Council, as relevant legislation, has the power to require properties to connect to the new sewerage system.

    What is the Environmental Improvement Charge?

    The Environmental Improvement Charge (EIC) is a charge paid by Hunter Water's wastewater customers that contributed to the cost of providing sewerage in areas where it is currently not available in the lower Hunter. The Wyee Sewer Scheme will be partly funded by the EIC.

    What sort of sewer connection will I be provided with?

    Depending upon the location of the property, each lot will have either a gravity sewer or pressure sewer system. We expect the majority of properties will receive a gravity sewer connection, however we will confirm this during the detailed design phase. Gravity sewer means sewer flows away from your home into our sewer mains by gravity. Pressure sewer is needed when wastewater needs to be pumped into Hunter Water's network. This occurs in situations where the sewer main is higher than the customer's property due to the local landscape (topography). Pressure sewer requires a pump and holding tank to be installed on the customer's property.

    How will the sewer system be constructed?

    The Concept Design is now being finalised. Staged construction will begin in late 2018 and will take two years to complete. The first stage of works will involve installing gravity sewer mains and pump stations for residents within the project area. Once this work is complete, a sewer main will be constructed along Wyee Road to transport flows to Dora Creek wastewater treatment works. Some existing infrastructure may be used where possible. Following the commissioning of the new sewer mains customers will be notified they can connect to the service.

    How will the community be impacted during construction?

    During construction, some residents may notice additional noise, dust and increased traffic. There are around 55 property owners who will be temporarily affected when the sewer main is installed along or within their properties. We will work closely with these residents throughout these activities to minimise disruption. We will keep you updated on the works as detailed design progresses over the next few months.

    What do I have to pay to connect to the sewer?

    We will provide a point of connection to the sewer system at the edge of your property.

    You will need to engage a plumber at your own cost to install sewer pipes on your property to connect to the new system.

    Can Hunter Water assist with my costs to connect to sewer?

    Hunter Water is not in a position to provide assistance to property owners to connect to the new sewerage system. The Wyee sewer system will be highly subsided and it is not equitable for other water users in the Hunter to provide any additional funding.

    What sewer charge will I pay after I connect?

    The Environmental Improvement Charge (EIC) is paid by property owners for properties that have a sewer connection point available that they may connect to. The EIC is an annual charge, which is adjusted in line with the CPI. The current EIC is around $40 per annum. Eligible pensioners are exempt from the EIC.

    The Sewer Service Charge is also applicable to all properties connected to the sewer system. This charge contributes to the cost to maintain and replace sewer mains, pumping stations and treatment plants. Learn more here.